Revolutionising hand hygiene

Rayron’s medical range of rub-in hand sanitizer is a ready-to-use solution with germ killing effectiveness of upto 99.9%.


Chlorohexidine Gluconate 


Ethyl Alcohol



Chlorhexidine, said to have a quick kill rate with antibacterial and antiseptic properties is used to clean the wounds before any surgery or before injections. A broad-spectrum biocide effective against such bacteria and fungus is also used to clean hands before a procedure. 

It is our fusion of such unique ingredients and the expertise of professionals from the medical industry that has led us to be an essential part of the lives of doctors and surgeons.

Get our #1 doctor recommended medical range of sanitizers in 3 sizes:

100 ml
Travel Edition

500 ml
Everyday Use

Refill Packaging

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